Our paper writing service: What is it about?

Every student has to write tons of essays throughout his or her studies, and every student has to come across obstacles along the way. Those can be some unforeseen circumstances, lack of time, writer’s block, procrastination, etc. You may hope to write your college term paper like an industrious student that you are, but the deadline draws nigh, and your paper is still far from ready. It inevitably gets you frustrated, and you can hear yourself thinking - “Why can’t I just pay someone to write my paper and get it over with!” As former students, we can relate to such feelings. This is why EssayWriters.us have decided to provide today’s students with something we lacked in our time – the professional essay writer for hire, available at all times and supplying excellent plagiarism free papers.

The essence of our custom writing service

Our mission has always been to help all students who could use custom writing. Throughout long years, we have helped thousands of such students, from schools all over the world – the US, UK, Canada, Australia - you name it. Unfortunately, today's market is highly competitive and full of ill-intended paper writing service companies who only seek to make a quick buck off people in need. Many students have had unfortunate experiences with such companies and, naturally, were eager to share their disappointment. We are aware of such instances and the skepticism that they have caused. We are equally pleased to see the surprise our happy customers share in their testimonials. Another widespread misconception is that we facilitate cheating. In reality, a student is barely ever willing to pay for essay out of sheer laziness, there needs to be a better reason. And when it’s there, then “write my paper” is a cry for help, and we are there to answer it.

How we assemble high-quality papers

The key to our clockwork performance is a properly thought-out, step-by-step system that works like an assembly line. We are proud to guide you through:

  • The process begins when you place your order. Naturally, a request like “help me write my research paper” will leave us confused as to what to do. To avoid any extra questions, we have come up with an order form where you fill us in on all necessary details: type of paper and academic level, formatting style, word count, and, of course, paper completion date. You are also welcome to mention any other requirements that you or your tutor may have in our comment section.

  • When we know all we need to know about the task, we appoint a writer responsible for it. We cooperate with a vast number of professional writers in all possible fields of knowledge so that we could deal with all orders, of any level and on any topic, at any time.

  • Sometimes, your teacher will leave it up to you to choose the topic for your paper. If this leaves you a tad confused, we can help you pick the kind of topic that will reveal your understanding of the subject at no extra charge.

  • The next logical step is profound research. Here, it is essential to take great care that the resources used (and cited) in the writing process were not only reputable but also up to date. For this purpose, we have put together an excessive online library and take great care of the research materials in it.

  • If your tutor requests an outline for their approval in advance, we will share it with you before our writer starts writing. Naturally, any additional instructions will be welcome at this stage, just as at any other.

  • When the writer finishes his or her job, the paper is still not finalized. At this point, it is only a draft. A draft always needs thorough proofreading and editing. Our picky proofreaders and editors will make sure that the paper you receive in the end shines. There will be no grammar or spelling errors, no stylistic or logical inconsistencies, no misused terminology, etc. They will also run it through several plagiarism-checkers to make sure that your paper is 100% original and plagiarism free.

What about the prices?

This is also a very reasonable question. In part, you determine the price you pay for our services. Our flexible system determines the price of each order individually, taking into account your academic level, required word count, and the urgency of your deadline. As such, by placing an order well in advance, you get affordable papers (price). But if you wait until the last moment and then place your order accompanied by words like “write my paper for me asap, I need it tomorrow morning,” we will also be able to help you out, but, given the urgency, we will have to charge extra. The same high-quality standards will be applied either way.

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